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About company


Percival is a developer and vendor of advanced software solutions for Central Securities Depositories with Central Registry (CSD / CSDR) and Share Registration and Transfer Agents (RTA).

It’s all about teamwork

Today’s products from Percival include the REGARD system for RTAs, and the DEPEND system for CSD or CSDR operations.

It was founded in 1986 in the UK, and since that time has developed and renewed its products continuously until the present, seventh development cycle. Percival’s first RTA system was implemented in 1986 and its first CSD system was implemented in 1991.

With DEPEND, Percival have a 100% bid winning record for equities markets and have won 9 CSD contracts since 2008, spanning 21 countries.

Our team has been together for over 15 years and is the most tightly-knit, knowledgeable, and efficient team committed to the continuous improvement of its expertise and product quality.

Company history


Percival signs contract to deliver DEPEND & HUBBLE to Baltic CSDs


Malta Stock Exchange joins T2S in the 1st wave with HUBBLE

REGARD goes live in the Seychelles Breweries Limited


Percival won the contract to implement DEPEND for the Verdipapirsentralen ASA (VPS)

DEPEND goes live in an eight-country regional market – Bourse Régionale Des Valeurs Mobilières


DEPEND goes live in the Central Depository of Armenia

DEPEND goes live in the Malta Stock Exchange

Percival started development of HUBBLE – T2S integration tool for CSDs


Percival wins contract to supply DEPEND to the BRVM


DEPEND goes live in the Estonian Central Securities Depository

DEPEND goes live in the Trinidad & Tobago Central Depository

DEPEND goes live in the Jamaica Central Securities Depository

Percival win the contract to implement DEPEND for the Central Depository of Armenia


DEPEND goes live in the Barbados Central Securities Depository

DEPEND goes live in the Bahamas Central Securities Depository

The web module is completed and goes live at its first site and is used to handle online voting for shareholders


The first REGARD systems are installed


Percival commence development of its new DEPEND product for CSDR operations


Percival start a new product development cycle for its new REGARD product for Share Registration


Percival set up a joint venture based in Estonia to handle CSDR clients and continued development of this product line; at this time Percival have implemented five CSD systems, including one for an eight country regional market in West Africa


Percival complete development of a module to handle the new employee share schemes being implemented in the UK


Percival release a new generation of CSDR product called Depository 2000 and this starts live operation in the Estonian Central Securities Depository


Percival complete the Crest module and 3 clients go live with Crest


Joint venture firm based in Estonia completes development of the automated trading system for Tallinn Stock Exchange


Percival implement their second CSDR; the implementation takes place in the record time of only three months from contract signing to commencement of live operations


Percival add clearing and settlement functionality to the depository system


Percival implement their first CSDR


Percival release a major new version to handle the semi paperless TAURUS settlement environment being implemented in the UK


Modules for handling employee benefits in the form of profit sharing schemes and options schemes


Percival implement their first Share Registration system