A message hub that meets the demands of European T2S for all ISO messages types.

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The world’s best Central Securities Depository & Registry system.

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The world’s most advanced Registry system.

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A trading system that supports multiple trading venues.

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DEPEND is a fully functional software packaged system for handling the operations of a Central Securities Depository & Registry.
Live in 8 CSD Sites in past 5 yearsTwo T2S CSD Clients

Implemented in a multi-market CSD

International Standards Compliance

ISO data handling and messaging
CPSS settlement principles
IOSCO principles for FMIs
ECSDA’s matching standards
T2S – DEPEND integrates with our HUBBLE message Hub solution


Equity and Fixed Income Securities
Workflow processing
Full range of Registry functions
Clearing & Settlement (BIS models 1-3, advanced optimisation)
Securities Depository (dematerialised & physical)
Money clearing (multi- currency, RTGS, commercial bank, integrated cash model)
Complete range and combination of account structures
Extensive corporate actions processing
Employee Share and Options Schemes
Comprehensive Takeover processing
Comprehensive IPO processing
On-line meetings
Trade Comparison and Processing
Pledging & Blocking
Stock Borrowing & Lending
Beneficial owner monitooring
Flexible billing mechanism
SWIFT Integration
Integrated web module
Extensive reporting module
Easily configurable GUI
Additional functions integrated from the REGARD system and CAPSULE

Automatic scheduling of processing and operations

Settlement processing
Fails processing
Market Claims
Corporate event processing
Reporting and notifications

Why choose DEPEND?

It has the highest functionality of any CSD on the market today.
It offers a full range of registry functions, which are essential for some markets.
It has by far the best GUI.
It boasts the most modern architecture of any CSD on the market today as it started development in 2005 and had its first release in 2008.
It has a low cost scalable platform with .NET.
Its level of configurability backed with the experience team afford a fast implementation.
PSL are committed to a policy of continuous improvement for DEPEND.
It has the lowest total cost of ownership of any CSD on the market today.

DEPEND is our latest CSD package on offer and we are very proud of it. We have used our extensive domain expertise to build the most sophisticated and adaptable packaged CSD system available today.


It has been designed to make it easy to implement and adapt to different client’s needs, and we have receive positive comments from all that have to use it on a daily basis to do their work.


If you are in charge of a CSD and have to deal with participants, issuers, and investors, contact us to arrange a demonstration to see how DEPEND can transform your business with new services and set it free from legacy constraints.

Chris Richardson