A message hub that meets the demands of European T2S for all ISO messages types.

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The world’s best Central Securities Depository & Registry system.

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The world’s most advanced Registry system.

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A trading system that supports multiple trading venues.

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Hubble is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solution for financial market operations.
Hubble can be used with DEPEND, REGARD, CAPSULE as well as 3rd party products including Custody, Trading and Banking systems.
Hubble is currently under implementation in an European Equities CSD entering T2S in wave 1.


Allows for a full range of ISO15022 and ISO20022 messages and updates for future standards changes
Supports T2S operations and Central Bank interactions
Open to proprietary messages
Integration of internal and external systems
Participants will be able to configure for themselves what message types they wish to receive.
CSD will be able to link message usage with the billing rules and tariff structures as well as control the rights of access to business operations and functions even when accessed using the messaging interface.
The history of incoming as well as outgoing messages will be accessible using a powerful query mechanism through the DEPEND GUI.
Each message will be fully cross linked with the business entities with which it is connected allowing an end user to review the full message history in respect of an issuer, an instrument, an account, a transaction, and so on.

Our HUBBLE product is an Enterprise Service Bus capable of orchestrating B2B communications between our own products as well as your own systems and external service users and providers.


The communications can be flexibly defined and standard orchestration packages are available for T2S as well as conventional OTC operations.


HUBBLE can support legacy messages using the older SWIFT formats in ISO 15022, as well as the more modern ISO 20022 standard messaging; with some customisation, it is also possible to configure HUBBLE to handle your own proprietary message types and formats.

Erki Pettai

Hubble product manager