DEPEND CSD & HUBBLE Go Live With T2S In Three Baltic Countries

2017 / September 18

Percival’s DEPEND CSD solution and HUBBLE message-layer went into production today at the national CSDs in three Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The Baltic CSDs form a single regional CSD handling post trade operations for the three countries in a single platform.

DEPEND will cover post trade operations including settlement of T2S and non-T2S instruments that include equities as well as fixed income. Corporate actions for the region will also be handled on the scalable and highly capable DEPEND platform. Percival’s HUBBLE message-layer product will support all message-based interactions between the regional CSD in the Baltic and T2S. It will also be handling internal message-based interactions between other systems.

DEPEND is fully CSDR compliant, and its corporate action processing fully compatible with CAJWG standards. The solution also handles securities accounting at omnibus and beneficial owner levels, and can also support environments where a hybrid approach is taken. HUBBLE allows the configuration of the message flows for any number of business scenarios in ISO 15022 and ISO 20022 message formats. Other formats of message can be supported with ease including FIX, and even proprietary formats can be implemented.

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