Malta Stock Exchange Join T2S in the 1st wave

2015 / July 01

The Malta Central Securities Depository successfully linked with Target2-Securities in the first wave of participants along with three other CSD’s.

Active links were established on Friday, 19th June followed by settlement of transactions that were migrated from the existing settlement solution. By Tuesday, 23rd June, the first transactions were settled as part of T+2 rolling settlement that were dealt with from trade to settlement completely within T2S.

Malta Central Securities Depository use Percival’s very successful and versatile DEPEND CSD product fully automated and integrated using HUBBLE, Percival’s configurable messaging layer, which handles the message interactions between DEPEND and T2S using ISO 20022 messages.

Malta Central Securities Depository and Malta Stock Exchange handle trading and settlement in equities and corporate bonds; MSE use Percival’s DEPEND product to provide CSD services to the central bank in respect of government bonds and treasury bills.

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