Ghana Commercial Bank

After a successful IPO in 1996, for which Ghana Commercial Bank used Percival’s then RTA product for running their share registration service; operations were migrated to REGARD in February, 2010.

Ghana Commercial Bank ran a hugely successful IPO in 1996 using Percival’s SHARES product, which handled over 130,000 applications from the general public, bank employees, as well as international investors; SHARES handled the central batching and reconciliation of all application forms as well as the final scaling down and allotment of shares to match the available quantity on offer.

GCB has since migrated their operations to Percival’s REGARD system in February, 2010, and is still using REGARD today.

REGARD is integrated with the local CSD with which it exchanges information for the processing of dividends and other corporate actions.

GCB also uses REGARD to handle their shareholders’ meetings to accurately record and report the votes cast by post in advance of the meeting and at the meeting in the event a poll vote is called.

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