Kerry Group

Kerry Group plc successfully migrated their share registration system to Percival’s product in 1994 and have since upgraded their system to REGARD in 2012.

Kerry Group migrated their in house share registration department to Percival’s SHARES system in 1994 to handle potentially increasing complexity of requirements in corporate action processing as well as to take advantage of the product’s capability to track the true beneficial owners in respect of nominee accounts.  At the time, Kerry were maintaining the registers for their own shares, as well as those of an additional two special clients in the form of local farmers’ cooperatives.

Since then, Kerry Group’s ordinary shares have been listed in Crest, the settlement and post-trade processing system for the UK and Ireland, for which Percival’s RTA products offer full support.

After migrating to REGARD in 2012, Kerry Group have continued to successfully use REGARD to handle all of their share registration requirements including the administration and processing of voting and attendees at AGMs, processing of dividends and other corporate actions, including the automatic payment of dividends through SEPA as well as electronic payments in USD to foreign investors.

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