A message hub that meets the demands of European T2S for all ISO messages types.

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The world’s best Central Securities Depository & Registry system.

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The world’s most advanced Registry system.

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A trading system that supports multiple trading venues.

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REGARD is used by 6 leading Registrars worldwide.
REGARD is a fully functional software packaged system for handling share registration and transfer agent (RTA) operations for a company’s in-house needs, or for a bureau service providing registry services to many companies.


Full range of Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA) functions
Extensive corporate events processing & employee schemes
Fixed income instrument processing including Government Securities Registry
Comprehensive Takeover processing
Comprehensive IPO processing
On-line meetings
Pledging and Blocking including Court Orders
Employee Share and Options Schemes
Workflow processing
Beneficial owner monitooring
Integrated web module
Extensive reporting module
Easily configurable GUI
Integration with DEPEND and a wide range of other CSDs
CREST integration

Percival’s roots are in Share Registration where we started developing packaged software for in-house registries and bureaux in 1986. REGARD is the current generation of our system for Registrars & Transfer Agents.


This new system is based on over 25 years’ experience and is one of the most functionally rich share registration systems on the market. Like all of our products, REGARD is highly configurable and adaptable to any user’s needs.


Because of Percival’s experience in developing systems for central depositories, REGARD is also ready to handle book-entry registration in a modern market with automated interfaces for CREST; the platform and architecture on which it is based is also already T2S ready.

Mait Kivimets

CSD Expert