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The world’s most advanced registry system.

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A trading system that supports multiple trading venues.

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Percival has developed a new addition to their portfolio of products: REVENUE, a trading platform. REVENUE went live in September 2021 in Barbados Stock Exchange.

REVENUE is capable of handling multiple exchange or trading venues, each with multiple boards. It is multi-currency and allow integration with multiple CSDs in respect of the listed symbols.
Our initial target markets are exchanges and trading venues with up to 25,000 trades per day.
REVENUE supports the creation and gradual integration of regional markets into a single regional exchange.


Configurable market rules that can be independently set for each board
Anonymous or transparent trading
Automatic order expiry
Aggressor or passive pricing
Configurable ticket format
Order, quote and hybrid markets
Opening and closing auctions
Configurable priority settings including: price, time, source, terms, cross
Exchange-independent member firm maintenance allowing a member to be licensed on multiple exchanges
Any number of trading sessions per day
Configuration of required market states from: pre-open, open, pre-close, confirm, close
Automatic or manual state change
Configuration of any number of order types per board
Price-calming supported through hard caps or circuit-breakers
Configuration of multiple price types per symbol from: unit, percent, discount, premium, fixed amount, yield; matching of prices with different price types
Instruments can be listed on more than one market or on the same market in more than one trading currency
Any number of indices with automatic levelling and the ability to change the weighting of individual components; indices covering symbols from multiple exchanges also supported as well as the use of free-float rather than issued shares; price-based indices also supported
Indices can be automatically generated from instruments’ GICS codes
Flexible rights based on organisation type and end-user workgroup memberships
A full range of daily statistics and reports available
Surveillance and monitoring supported
Access provided to traders as well as administrative staff through common browser-based UI
Multiple configurable data feeds with variable delays
RSS publication of news, data and tickers

REVENUE is a new addition to our product range and allows Percival to cover the value chain in any small and medium-sized market where there is no CCP.


Moreover, REVENUE is fully integrated with our DEPEND CSD solution allowing a customer to be confident that the lifecycle of a transaction will be handled from order entry to final settlement and update of the beneficial owner register.
We have designed REVENUE to be of particular appeal to markets that wish to handle multiple exchanges from a single platform, allowing considerable savings in having only one uniform infrastructure.

REVENUE should also appeal to regional markets and will permit each country’s exchange in the region to be implemented on a single integrated infrastructure and to gradually bring the regional exchange into existence in manageable steps.

Elen Käsk

Marketing director